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The Walking Dead - Season 6

Enter for your chance to win a double pass to an exclusive screening of The Walking Dead Season 6 mid-season Premiere.


Win a double pass to an exclusive FX screening of the awesome new unconventional Marvel superhero movie... Deadpool "WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT IRRESPONSIBILITY!"

Sons of Anarchy - The Final Season Competition

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 3 Sons of Anarchy Limited Edition Box Sets, containing all 7 seasons.

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L, Tasovac

L, Gray

J, O'Shea

The Walking Dead Season 6 - DEADicated fan competition

Join the horde each week for a chance to win some amazing prizes!

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Week 1:
A Bartlett
A Douglas
A Noke
A Sadler
A Carroll
A Collison
A Portelli
A Smith
B Jager
B Palmer
B Foley
B James
B Pellow
C Hay
C Cluderay
C Kollias
C Lewis
C Stokes
C Kelly
C Lungo
C Baker
D Handcock
D Barbaro
D Winter
D Lazaridis
E Ballinger
E Radojevic
E Jones
E Gould
F Bailey
G Barukh
G Hewson
H Bradley
H Stiller
H Tomlinson
I Witton
J O'Shea
J Mclennan
J Dowton
J Brewer
J Barnett
J Chugg
J Kelsh
J Vujeva
K Garner
K Bealing
K Petras
K Rutherford
K Pruessner
K Vandermeyde
K  Lucas
K Wallace
K Bensley
K Ramsay
L Vandenhurk
L Lino
L Bykerk
L Waugh
M Dines
M Graham
M Mcgraw
M Barrett
M Harrop
M Davis
M Pineda
N Fuller
N Ray
P Mcdonough
P Topping
R Pereira
R Biljna
R Taylor
R Pilbrow
R Abra
R Hitzke
S Pech
S Gironda
S Greenwald
S Clifton
S  Preece
S Barker
S George
S Mccarter
S Sheppard
S Hammond
S Petrie
S Cossor
S Eather
S Reynolds
T Voss
T Walker
T Roberts
T Glover
T Baker
U Muir
V Montgomery
V Anderson
V Leitis
W Mcandrew

Week 2:

K, Pearce

M, Grover

S, Fleming

S, Pfeifer

S, Moura

Week 3:

B, Russell

S, Korvi

G, Stone

Week 4:

E, Ahearn

S, Baker

Week 5:

E, Sloan

D, Procopio

A, Plain

A, Watson

T, Carey

Week 6:

B, Cahill

Week 7:

L, Richards

J, Vinken

Week 8 - Major Prize:

G, Coghetto